Monday, November 19, 2007

B.Inspired by... Nesting

My son, Sawyer, will be one year old tomorrow! On the eve of his Birthday I have been reminiscing about his birth and all of the events leading up to it. At this time one year ago I was preparing for his arrival: adding finishing touches to the nursery, organizing all of the soft, tiny outfits in the dresser and closets. I was nesting. So in honor of that time, here are a few creations featuring nests and nesting that inspire me!

Nesting Art Magnet by Serpent Mandalas

Speckled Bird Egg Bib by BebeBrent

Nest 520, Original Painting by Kelly Designs


KieutiePie said...

What a cute idea!!! I love the painting of the nest =}

Sarah Ridgley said...

ohhhh, what an ADORABLE bib. i wish i had a little someone i could buy that for!