Saturday, December 1, 2007

B.Inspired by... Housework?!

I know, I know... I bet you never thought one could be inspired by housework! I spent all day doing it, and I only feel tired. But check out these Etsy artists who find inspiration in the strangest place!

Top Left: Crusty Pans ACEO Original Collage by Dadadreams Mixed Media Elixirs
Top Right: Domestic Goddess Necklace by Pretty Girl Things
Bottom Left: Breakfast Dishes at Tiffany's Gloves by Pixilated Sisters
Bottom Right: A Clean House Checkbook Cover by My Heart 2 Yours


Katie Lyn Sherry said...

Those are GREAT products!! Thank you for featuring my checkbook cover~ I love that retro humor!

Merry Christmas!

Katie Lyn

Dadadreams Mixed Media Elixirs said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for choosing to include my ACEO. Great blog :)