Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Places that Inspire

It takes awhile to really get to know a city. We moved to the Reading area three months ago and I still have to get out my trusty city map at least once a week. Now you must keep in mind that we moved from a town with only two traffic lights (one being for the entrance of Walmart). But it didn't take me long to discover the best art and craft supply store I have ever been to! You know that was my first priority - right before the bank, the grocery store, and Barnes and Noble.
The Flower and Craft Warehouse (in Blue Ball, PA) doesn't have a flashy name, a brilliant exterior, or even a sign (that I saw) from the highway. In fact I was skeptical upon approach; but once inside, I was in awe of the selection and quality of products. The huge store is broken up into many sections, such as floral, crafts, and fine art supplies. I was surprised to see that it even went beyond arts and crafts, including sections for candles, party supplies, a green house, and an entire second floor of inspiring home decor! But my favorite section, and the one that I drive over 30 minutes for, is the scrapbooking section. It surpasses any Michaels or A.C. Moore,
with at least five times the selection of decorative paper and better prices,
too. Here are a few of my favorites from today's (rather large) purchase. I can't wait to start creating with them!
By the way, a huge "Thank You" to Paper Shop ink for featuring my Explosion Photo Books on their blog today It was a nice surprise upon my return from my paper shopping adventure!

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