Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Revealing the NEW Photo Book!!!

Just before Thanksgiving I sent some of my new Photo Books to a great new shop in Philly, Vix Emporium. They've sold quite a few in just the first week and have requested more already! I'm very pleased, but unfortunately that means my Etsy shop is at a bit of a standstill until I can catch up. So although I don't have any to list on Etsy yet, I am excited to reveal my new Photo Book Design! I will be phasing out the Bursting Photo Books and instead offering Starburst Photo Books. They hold lots more photos (22 total!) and can be displayed on a table or hanging in the shape of a star! If you're in the Philly area and just can't wait until I list them on Etsy, drop by Vix Emporium to get one for yourself!

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