Friday, September 28, 2007

It's Official! I'm an Etsy Seller!

I listed my first items for sale on Etsy today! I'm officially an Etsy Seller. Well... maybe not. I guess it depends on whether you have to actually have made a sale to be a seller. Anyway, I have listings! And I'm so excited! I have lots more to list, but I am spreading them out.

First, I listed a Custom Photo Crazy Quilt, using my very own wedding quilt as an example. We had a very relaxed country-themed wedding with denim bridesmaid dresses, a sunflower-lined aisle, and an antique John Deere tractor hay ride. It was wonderful! And seeing this quilt everyday takes me back to that once-in-a-lifetime feeling. Not only does it include photos, it also has fabrics that we used to decorate and that symbolize aspects of our wedding. I finished it off with tons of hand-embroidery and button and bead embellishments.
This quilt is so special to me; It would be such an honor to create such a special family heirloom for someone else. That's what I love about custom orders. You really get to make a special connection with your buyer. I can't wait for that first sale! Then I guess I will be an Official Official Etsy Seller!

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