Sunday, September 30, 2007

Changing Inspirations

It's funny how life changes. The biggest change of all has been becoming a mom; and more recently becoming a stay at home mom. My creative life has changed as well. As an artist in college, I found inspiration through studying ancient art, reading feminist literature, and even travelling with girlfriends to New Mexico for Meinrad Craighead's Women's Creative Retreat. Then my creative work included hours upon hours of researching ancient feminine symbolism, planning and sketching, and finally bringing emotionally charged images to life through righ and colorful oil paint. Now I find myself enthralled with watching my son learn how to stick out his tongue, reading Goodnight Moon over and over again, and going to our weekly playdate to Gymboree. Now my creative work consists of grabbing a few minutes here and there, between diaper changes, bottles, reading Goodnight Moon (again...), and playdates at Gymboree, to make something to capture all of these precious memories of my son's baby years. Sometimes I miss that earlier version of myself, but mostly I'm just glad I had those experiences that make me the person, the mother, that I am today.
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Melanie said...

I am glad you're on Etsy and that you have this blog. I love the photo things! I'll be checking out your shop here soon.