Monday, October 1, 2007

Q: What Inspires YOU?

As you can see from my shop's name, I'm fascinated (maybe even obsessed) with what inspires people. My entire business is based around this; creating beautiful, unique keepsakes that are specifically taylored to your inspirations: your interests, your family, your favorite colors, even your child's name. Now that you know what inspires me, I've decided to poll other Etsy sellers and artists about what inspires them!

Q: What Inspires YOU?

A: My drive to do what I love inspires me to create all the fun items I make!! I just love seeing the finished product! LucyMae

A: Beads. Simple as that...I love the different shapes, textures, colors. I feel like a kid in a candy store when shopping for new stones! Also, poking around Etsy doesn't hurt. :-) Kenton Beadworks

A: The historical past and the natural world are the inspirations for Natural Historie. Natural Historie

A: The desire to create something that someone else just has to have! DBrown Designs

A: My daughter! Pryncess Lia

A: The colors of the sea, the colors of the sky, the green hills and fall trees, and everything that I see looking out my window! Blue Lagoon Beads

A: What inspires me is well constructed clothing. In a society that has embraced "disposable fashion", I try and make each garment the old fashioned way to avoid leaving too big a footprint on our Earth. Peta Pledger

A: My best inspirations always come from nature whether it's a walk through the woods, or a visit to the beach, I always come back to my workshop refreshed and full of new ideas. I also find inspiration in the materials I work with. Sometimes all I need to do is spread out some gemstones and I start to envision new designs, it's as if some pieces actually design themselves. Crystalvisions

A: I love mixing old and new together as well as using tools to form brass into different shapes! The Brass Hussy

A: The main thing that inspires me is searching for new embellishments to use for my barrettes. Anytime I find something new and cute and colorful, the ideas start rolling in! Also, looking at others' handiwork has inspired me to be better, try new things, and get my act together on my etsy page. Barrettes by Commotion

What wonderfully diverse answers. In appreciation, all 10 participating sellers may take 10% off of any keepsake in my shop (! That's what makes the topic of inspiration so interesting. Check back next Monday for 10 more sellers (and 10 more inspirations)!

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Cryztalvisions said...

Thank you for starting the "What inspires you" discussion. I love reading about what inspires other artists.