Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Designing Swanky Mom: Hearts Desire Beading Company

As promised, meet this week's featured Designing Swanky Mom...

Store name: Heart's Desire Beading Company
Name: DebraEtsy

Q: What or who inspires you?
A: I have two: Eni Oken, Sharilyn MillerCreative

Q: What powerful, creative woman do you love?
A: My mom, she is a very creative person too! As a child, she gave me simple things like paper, crayons, watercolors and glue and let me make all kinds of fun things, and always with lots of encouragement. When it came to elementary school and Girl Scout projects, she would get right in there and help me. Because of her example, I do that very same thing with my own two children!

Q: Any tips on juggling motherhood and a business?
A: God - first, Family - second, Business - third.
Everything always seems to fall right into place when I follow this rule! I won't say it is an easy rule to follow, because that third thing seems to takes on a life of it's own! So to remind myself of these important priorities, I've put a post-it note on the bottom of the computer screen so I can see it every time I sit down! That way I can't forget! :)

Thanks, Debra! In appreciation for your words of wisdom, you are welcome to take 10% off of any one item in my shop (http://www.binspiredboutique.etsy.com/), even my newly listed Custom Happy Birhday Name Banner (pictured below)! Check back next week for another Designing Swanky Mom!

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