Monday, October 8, 2007

Q: What Inspires YOU?

The diversity of creative work on Etsy is just incredible! I can spend hours and hours browsing and hearting items and shops. Often I come across an item or shop and wonder... "now what inspired that?" Here are 10 more Etsians answering just that: "What inspires you?"

Q: What Inspires YOU?

A: The expression of wonder on a little girl's face when she receives a pretty gift just for her! I have the cutest pic of such a moment and I'm going to blow it up poster-size and hang it in my office. PBDesign (Work pictured at right.)

A: I am inspired by urban (and not so urban) wildlife and Japanese textiles. I just love the Japanese fabrics. Also I am generally inspired by just sitting down and taking a look at the huge piles of fabrics piled in my "studio". And friends, books, music, moods, and food. Idealbunny

A: Everything inspires me. If I had to pick a favorite I'd say the beauty and cultures of Asia. Dharma Designs

A: I am inspired by the sheer joy of creating and all the wonderful rewards it gives me:using my hands,heart and imagination and the priceless feeling I get when I get happy responses from people receiving my creations! Beenadolls

A: Have a look at my shop. It is to raise funds for an arts school bursary in memory of my daughter Brynn. Info. in store announcement and profile. Brynnalex (Work pictured at right.)

A: My soaps are inspired by food, mainly desserts. I love the colors and smells. Sprinkled toppings, drizzled sauces make me wobbly at the knees......YUMMMMM! Morgan Street

A: The thing that inspires me the most are children and nature...there is so much innocents in both... Bonghi Vestiti

A: Japan...yes I think Japan. Terryann

A: Nature is my inspiration. It's obvious in my photography but I love the organic lines in my jewelry too. Wire Tree (Work pictured at right.)

A: When it comes to my Darklings, it's the wounded, dark part of me, and that I see in others, that inspires me most. I think I need to find the light in darkness and the happy kid in a wounded soul. Each of them has a bright spirit all their own when they're done. That's when I know who they are and what to name them. Gypsycaster

In appreciation, all 10 participating Etsians may take 10% off of any keepsake in my shop (! That includes my Custom Photo Crazy Quilt (pictured below)! Check back next Monday for 10 more sellers (and 10 more inspirations)!

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Helen Krummenacker said...

This is a very charming collection of answers. And what a good idea! Because it certainly makes me want to go check out some of the stores. :)