Friday, October 12, 2007

The Fun of Custom Creations!

I just had so much fun creating two custom keepsakes for one lovely customer on Etsy. What makes custom work so much fun is the connection that you build with the customer. It's so wonderful to learn the stories behind each purchase; who it's for, what that person's like, the special occasion that warrants such a treasure. I put a bit more time than usual into creating this custom banner, but it was easy to stay motivated thinking of the four-year-old, red-headed diva that would enjoy it so much at Christmas!
If you're interested in a Custom Name or Word Banner, check out my Etsy shop at


organicstills said...

Great job on the custom orders. I completely agree with you about building a connection - which is why I love doing them myself! =)

water38skier said...

It's adorable! I'm sure the little red-haired girl (Charlie Brown, anyone?) will love it!!! :)