Monday, October 29, 2007

Q: What Inspires YOU?

I haven't posted in some time because I have been out of town visiting those who inspire me: my family. I have returned rested, refreshed and brimming with new creative imaginings!

Now, to get back on my blogging track, here are five etsy sellers telling of what inspires them.

Q: What inspires YOU?

A: I'm inspired by color, texture and waste. I love the colors and textures of all fabrics and yarn. I am amazed at the waste of textiles, fabric and yarn. I'm constantly thinking of ways to recycle good fabric and yarn into other items. Black Cat Boutique

A: All of nature!!! I love flowers and leaves and all the colors of every season. Then I make flowers because I can't grow them. Zuda Gay

A: I'm inspired by nature and my pets!I also am inspired by seeing other artists latest pieces.....that makes me want to head off to the studio. Karen Demarte Art

A: A beautiful color. Something that is deep, has varied tones. A hue that conjures an emotion, a place, a time. A color that inspires me to create something that uses the color or captures the emotion it evokes. Elegant Musings

A: I am inspired by so many things, but most seem to relate back to color. I love to go to a yarn or fabric shop and stand in front of the selection and soak in the creativity. I am inspired by colorful sunsets, flowers, and paintings or photographs. I love the pink palette. I call colors in the pink family my "power colors" and I think everyone has that range of colors that stirs their creative side. Gwendolyn's Gifts

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