Saturday, October 6, 2007

What's in a Name?

Everyone knows that a business' name is very important. Arguably the most important part of a business. So I put alot of thought into mine. I spent a great amount of time brainstorming names, but I just kept coming back to B.Inspired; It just felt right. First, I knew that I wanted my products to be personalized to each customer's inspirations, just like my own personal creations are customized to my inspirations, usually my son. I wanted my customer to feel "inspired." Next, I chose to use the initial "B" instead of the word "Be" because my last name starts with "B." Most of my creations can be personalized with a customer's initial(s), so the "B." symbolizes that as well. Once I had chosen my business name, I knew immediately that I must have a bee in my logo, for my son's lovey is a bee! Seeing the name "B.Inspired Boutique" fills me with wonderful emotion and excitement! And even more so now, seeing it in my new beautiful banner (courtesy of Rio Oso Designs)!

In celebration of my new banner, I am extending 10% off of anything in my shop until midnight tonight (10/06/07)!!!

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~Stella said...

Thanks for that insight into the creative process. Your banner is lovely!